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lotus The Temple of You

Image Credit & Appreciation: Tony George via Photo Pin cc

Stack the elements of yourself with a sure mind, using great delicacy and balance, from the robust foundation on up toward the sky.


Offer all of yourself to the universe as a stable and elegant structure ready to hold any truth without crumbling.


Be ready to share the home of you as refuge to any who need your shelter.


Be a temple of strength and compassion.


Ring the bell in the tower of you to share the vibration of true nature with any who might overhear it and open their ears and souls to the sound.


And shine the light from the top of the lighthouse that is your being as a beacon showing all beings the way home.


This is what we build with the system of Reiki, laboring joyfully, even playfully, with gentle openness and perseverance, day by day, brick by brick.


We build ourselves in service to ourselves. We build ourselves in service to all. And we know there is no difference.


May each of you find shelter when you need refuge. And may you take the steps to build yourself into the robust and beautiful temple that is your true nature revealed.






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4 comments on “The Temple of You

  1.   HeartSong Reiki

    Beautiful post Alice! I see you were inspired by the pagoda. What a lovely and profound description of our practice. _/l\_

    1.   Alice Risemberg ~ Reiki Pulse   Post author

      Hi, Kelly!

      Thanks for stopping by and your kind words. Yes, so much inspiration to draw from in our various practices. Sometimes poetry and metaphor “explain” best. With a little pretty picture thrown in for good measure. 🙂

      Happy practicing,

  2.   Mark Chapman

    Nice Post.

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