Kind Words from Clients and Students

I attended Alice’s Level 1 reiki course and also received reiki sessions from her. I cannot recommend her highly enough. She is dedicated, authentic, and skilled. She’s genuine in her craft and devoted to it with all her heart and soul.

As a teacher, she fosters the development of reiki practice in her students with a method of teaching that is powerful and gentle at the same time. I learned how to use hands-on healing with myself, other people, and even on animals. I also learned fantastic meditation practices that I will be using lifelong. Before attending her course, I was merely curious and bit shy of energy work. Now I am sure this is an area I want to develop in myself as part of my own personal growth and to share with others. 

I also received reiki sessions from her. I had never experienced reiki before, but let me tell you! It’s like putting your soul into a sauna! I came out feeling light, airy, and energetically charged. I also slept a lot afterwards. She knows what she’s doing for sure and then some!

She is a true guru, so rare found in our time.

~ Amber Schalke, Roseville, CA (via Yelp)


Alice is hands down the best Reiki teacher I know! The support she gives you while taking her class, which is weeks long, is unsurpassed. And, she continues to support you for as long as you need it. She is always there to answer questions or give you support and ongoing encouragement for your own Reiki practice. Once you are a student of Alice’s you are forever her student. I really cannot say enough about how great a teacher she is. I had been studying Reiki for about a year, but until I took a class with her it just did not resonate with me. Now I feel like I have the tools to begin a lifelong Reiki practice. Class with Alice has been life changing for me!

~ Barb Warmuth, Auburn, CA (via Yelp)


“The ambiance at Alice’s new Roseville location is lovely. Every session I’ve had with Alice has been a pleasure. So soothing and relaxing. I always feel safe, warm and comfortable. Her attention, openness and connection with you allows for a wonderful expansive experience. In the evening after my latest Reiki session, I had a cleansing emotional release, and I woke up the next morning with a burst of renewed energy and motivation to get things done. Thank you!”

~ J.S. Miranda, CMT, LMT, Roseville, CA


“Alice is a Reiki ninja. You don’t even feel her go from position to position. I loved it. I practically melted into the table. When we were done I told Alice that I felt like I had a massage for my soul.”

~ Barb Warmuth, Auburn, CA


“Over a series of sessions with Alice, I was always transported to the deepest and most wonderfully healing place. Those treatments got me through a rough time when I was in and out of the hospital for radiation treatment and surgery. Then Alice’s meaningful and informative classes gave me the tools to live a calmer and richer daily life, especially when situations at work were out of control and I felt like I was losing my cool.”

~ Lew Kennedy, Manhattan, NY


“I studied Level II Reiki with Alice and felt completely supported and taken care of throughout the entire process. Alice is a gifted teacher, who is passionate and knowledgeable about Reiki, and very generous in sharing her experience and expertise. Consider yourself lucky and in safe, healing hands if you choose to learn from Alice.”

~ Lisa Serman, Boerum Hill, Brooklyn, NY


“From the moment I met Alice, I felt very comfortable and at ease. The environment was cozy and healing in itself. She is very easy to talk to and makes you feel at home. The Reiki sessions have been very relaxing and therapeutic to me, and have motivated me even more to be good to myself. I leave each session feeling a difference in my body and mind, feeling more balanced and centered. I feel more prepared to deal with whatever should come my way.”

~ Elisa Zulich, RN, Mill Basin, Brooklyn, NY


“A session with Alice is a fantastically supportive experience and one of great depth. Her pleasant and easy nature coupled with her totally un-intrusive manner create a place of true safety where big transformations can happen. I highly recommend her as your Reiki practitioner or teacher.”

~ Heather Alexander, Former BBC Reporter and Founder of Brooklyn Reiki


“I got a great deal from my Reiki treatments with Alice. She creates a warm, welcoming, collaborative space where whatever arises in the powerful energy work can be processed and integrated. I looked forward to my sessions with her, and always left refreshed and with a greater sense of well-being.”

~ Julia Fitzgerald, Sunset Park, Brooklyn, NY


“I decided to try Reiki when I was 8 1/2 months pregnant and my son was breech. Even though the issue resolved itself soon after, I gave Reiki a try for general support. The appointment with Alice was relaxing, and I was surprised to feel my son so active the entire time, kicking like he was enjoying the session, too.”

~ Allison S., Park Slope, Brooklyn, NY


“Alice is an amazing teacher, an amazing Reiki practitioner and a great person to meditate with. I’ve had the joy of engaging in all three with her and have found her to be informative, caring and enlightening.”

~ Bo Wayne, Manhattan, NY


“It is such a wonderful experience to receive Reiki from Alice. Her dedication to her practice comes through in every session. She is entirely in the space, expanding and welcoming, and I feel very safe and nurtured.”

~ Kelly McDermott-Burns, Reiki Teacher and Practitioner, Heartsong Reiki and Heartsong Reiki for Animals, Vermont

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