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lotus Sitting Gently in the Fullness of Yes



In this moment, I am suffused with gratitude.


This effortless thanks binds me on the cellular level with all beings and beyond being.


May all of you touch your genuine, unforced thankfulness today and every day. May it make your heart the heart of all beings and beyond being.

2 comments on “Sitting Gently in the Fullness of Yes

  1.   Sarah Rudell Beach

    Lovely Alice! I think we are kindred spirits, but kind of a yin and yang thing… my gratitude practice is all about the long posts and wordy descriptions (my left-brain loves to analyze, document, and clarify gratitude) and you deliver a beautiful, artistic (right brain?) image and lovely, pithy words. 🙂

    1.   Alice Risemberg ~ Reiki Pulse   Post author

      Sarah, of course we are kindred spirits! I can be very long-winded at times. Both concise and expansive explorations have their moments and help us shine. It’s all about overall balance and serving the moment specifically.

      Thank you for the first comment on one of my blog posts! It’s a thoughtful beauty.


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