What is Reiki?

The term Reiki refers to both spiritual energy — what we are all made up of, the fabric of everything — and a Japanese healing and meditation practice that encourages deep relaxation and self-healing on the spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical levels. It is also a simple but limitless spiritual development practice that is not dependent on any particular belief or religious tradition.

The system of Reiki was developed by Mikao Usui in Japan in the early 1900s and brought to the West in the 1940s by a second-generation Japanese-American named Hawayo Takata and her Japanese teacher, Chujiro Hayashi, a student of Mikao Usui’s.

In the classical tradition, the system of Reiki has five elements:

~ Developing spiritual and mental focus through Usui’s precepts
~ Techniques and meditations
~ Hands-on healing
~ Mantras and symbols
~ Reiju/attunements


“Alice is an amazing teacher…and [I] have found her to be informative, caring and enlightening.”

~ Bo Wayne, New York, NY


The healing component of Reiki can be practiced on yourself or others, in person or from a distance. In-person Reiki treatment primarily involves lightly laying both hands on or above different parts of the fully clothed body. It is completely safe and can be combined with any other form of treatment or practice.

The system of Reiki can be easily learned and practiced by anyone — yes, anyone! Traditionally three levels are taught: Shoden (Reiki I), Okuden (Reiki II), and Shinpiden (Level III/Teacher).


“I got a great deal from my Reiki treatments with Alice. She creates a warm, welcoming, collaborative space where whatever arises in the powerful energy work can be processed and integrated. I looked forward to my sessions with her, and always left refreshed and with a greater sense of well-being.”

~ Julia Fitzgerald, Sunset Park, Brooklyn, NY


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