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Love Letter to the Universe

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Dear Reiki Pulse peeps,


I’ve been thinking about you and me and this blog lately. I don’t write you nearly as much as I’d like, and this morning it hit me:


Almost all I want to do is write you love letters, love notes, love missives, and love poems.


I want to leave you little knickknacks to remind you of how beautiful you truly are.


I want to sing you love songs.


I want to romance you, get intimate with you, share all of me and all of you. The real me, the real you.


I want this blog, this website, the Reiki Pulse page on Facebook, every one of my healing sessions and classes and practices and workshops, my heart, my mind, and my entire being to be a tangible space where you can realize unlimited, unconditional love.


Is it boring, talking of almost nothing but love? Saying the same thing in many ways and sometimes the same ways?




But perhaps it’s time for me to give permission to myself to do it anyway. Don’t you think?


Reiki is Love. Can we really get too much of it?


With all my heart and soul,




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