Reiki Courses: Learn to Practice Reiki

Learn Reiki and Put Your Well-Being in Your Own Hands

Anyone can learn to practice Reiki. Anyone and everyone! No special power or gift is needed.

Each of us is already made up of spiritual energy (Reiki). Learning to practice the system of Reiki is like a reminder of what we already know.

The system of Reiki gives us the tools to craft our own transformation. With a daily Reiki practice, we can open to peace and well-being more and more every day, no matter what opportunities or challenges we might be going through.


Note: I am on happy hiatus from teaching group classes and courses and focusing on one-on-one work. Working with you privately creates an incredible intimacy and ability to tailor the experience. If you are interested, simply get in touch via e-mail at, and we will start a conversation. 


Alice’s Teaching Approach

In the traditional Usui Reiki Ryoho teachings, there are three levels: Shoden, Okuden, and Shinpiden. All levels focus on your own personal healing and spiritual development, with different tools and practices to use for yourself and with others.

Alice’s teaching approach is unusual. She teaches her Reiki courses over many weeks to give ample time to practice, gain confidence, and delve deep within the course. Her support of her students is active between classes as well as during and well beyond the end of each course.

Alice considers the relationship between student and teacher to be sacred, developing along with the student’s own practice over time and even over a lifetime.

“Alice is hands down the best Reiki teacher I know! The support she gives you while taking her class, which is weeks long, is unsurpassed. And, she continues to support you for as long as you need it. She is always there to answer questions or give you support and ongoing encouragement for your own Reiki practice. Once you are a student of Alice’s you are forever her student. I really cannot say enough about how great a teacher she is. I had been studying Reiki for about a year, but until I took a class with her it just did not resonate with me. Now I feel like I have the tools to begin a lifelong Reiki practice. Class with Alice has been life changing for me!”

~ Barb Warmuth, Auburn, CA


Reiki Meditations Class

Have you always wanted to meditate but didn’t know how or thought it was too hard?

Maybe you tried to meditate and it became yet another thing in your life to feel guilty about not getting done?

Are you a regular meditator that would love some new structure or company as you practice so you can take it deeper?

Or are you a Reiki practitioner who loves your hands-on healing practice but wants to learn more about the Usui Reiki meditation techniques and how to make them a fundamental part of your Reiki practice?

At this stand-alone class, you will learn and practice a few simple but powerful Reiki meditation techniques while receiving energetic support.


Shoden (Reiki Level I)

Ready to learn to help yourself and your family every day for the rest of your life?

By investing your time and sincere open heart in a Shoden (Reiki I) course, you will be investing in yourself, your family, and your community. It all starts with you.

You will begin practicing these simple but limitless practices on day one, and they will be your faithful daily companion and handy toolkit to find balance, peace, and wellness any time, for the rest of your life.

Classes are kept small (maximum 6 students) for personal attention for each student during and between classes and well beyond your “graduation.”


Reiki Practice Share

Let’s get together and share our beautiful Reiki practice.

Existing Reiki practitioners of any lineage, from new to experienced to learned a while ago but haven’t really practiced lately, are welcome.

Newcomers to Reiki can also join us and have a taste of Traditional Reiki meditation and healing.

And of course this is a great practice opportunity for Alice’s students.

This practice will include:

  • Meditation.
  • Reiju.
  • Hands-on healing exchanges.
  • Talk and hopefully smiles and laughter.

Looking forward to sharing Reiki with you and connecting with kindred spirits! E-mail or call Alice if you have any questions.


“I attended Alice’s Level 1 reiki course…I cannot recommend her highly enough. She is dedicated, authentic, and skilled. She’s genuine in her craft and devoted to it with all her heart and soul. As a teacher, she fosters the development of reiki practice in her students with a method of teaching that is powerful and gentle at the same time. I learned how to use hands-on healing with myself, other people, and even on animals. I also learned fantastic meditation practices that I will be using lifelong. Before attending her course, I was merely curious and bit shy of energy work. Now I am sure this is an area I want to develop in myself as part of my own personal growth and to share with others. She is a true guru, so rare found in our time.”

~ Amber Schalke, Roseville, CA


Okuden (Reiki Level II)

Ready to deepen your existing Reiki practice and add new tools to your Reiki toolkit?

For some students, Shoden (Reiki Level I) is all they need for a lifetime of beautiful Reiki practice. For others, after doing the foundation practices daily for an extended period of typically six months or more, their own development makes them eager for more support in expanding their understanding of the practice that has become a core part of their lives.

Okuden (Reiki Level II) offers more tools for a Reiki practitioner to use to deepen and expand his or her practice. At this level, students learn to use mantras and symbols, as well as the concept of “distant” healing. Like Shoden, Okuden (Reiki II) is taught in three-hour weekly classes over many weeks.


“I studied Level II Reiki with Alice and felt completely supported and taken care of throughout the entire process. Alice is a gifted teacher, who is passionate and knowledgeable about Reiki, and very generous in sharing her experience and expertise. Consider yourself lucky and in safe, healing hands if you choose to learn from Alice.”

~ Lisa Serman, Boerum Hill, Brooklyn, NY


Shinpiden (Reiki Level III)

Ready to put all the puzzle pieces of the system of Reiki together and deepen your experience and understanding even further?

Shinpiden, the teacher level, isn’t just for students who wish to teach Reiki. This level gives dedicated practitioners continued support in ongoing exploration and deepening of their own practice.

In Shinpiden (Level III), more tools are introduced, including the fourth and final mantra and symbol. Shinpiden practitioners learn to perform Reiju for themselves and others and develop tools to start on the path, if they wish, to eventually teaching their own students.


Private Individual and Group Courses, Tutorials, and Mentoring

Private teaching and mentoring allow for tremendous personalization, tailoring everything specifically for you or your group. Alice has a particular love of one-on-one and small-class teaching for this very reason.

Contact Alice directly if you are interested in setting up a private individual or group course, tutorial, or mentoring.


Book a Class or Get More Information

If you are interested in learning Reiki for yourself, contact Alice about upcoming group classes or to discuss setting up a private course or tutorial to fit your schedule and needs. Send an e-mail to, or call Alice at 530-727-8573.

E-mail or call with questions, even if you are not sure if taking a course is right for you!

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