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One of my personal challenges lately has been to notice when I turn to my practices (meditation, hands-on healing, writing, chanting — doesn’t matter which one) to make something in my life, my mind, my physical body, or my emotional body “go away.”


Those are healthy times to turn to a practice, for sure. But awareness and acceptance of our expectation and desire to “just fix it, just disappear it, it’s uncomfortable” can help us drop into a cleaner, clearer space of being while practicing.


This cleaner, clearer space is where true healing takes place. Although that healing might not look like what we are grasping at.


Can you relate? Do you sometimes turn to healthy actions clouded with unhealthy expectations or desires? How do you handle that when you notice, if at all? Or do you think it even matters, since it’s a healthy action? Please share in the Comments below, it would be great to hear from you.


Just as everything in our lives can be meditation, so too can everything in formal meditation/practices be a distraction from true meditative clarity of mind.


May we all notice when we naturally and understandably expect and desire discomfort to Go Away. And in that noticing, may we find our peace with our discomfort so that true purity of mind has space to emerge.





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2 comments on “Clarity of Mind

  1.   spiritedsarah

    Beautifully expressed Alice! “May we find peace with our discomfort.” And patience to let the discomfort move through us. Thanks Alice.

    1.   Alice Risemberg ~ Reiki Pulse   Post author

      “…patience to let the discomfort move through us.”

      Sarah, that’s beautiful and so true, thank you. Patience completes the triad, really: awareness, acceptance, and patience, together allowing the spaciousness needed for well-being.

      With warmth and appreciation,

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