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What Is Reiki?

lotus Blessings

Blessings Rain Down


People often think of Reiki as a practice of giving blessings.


Which is true.


Reiki is a blessings practice.


But often I am reminded of what it truly means that this practice (and other sister practices) is a blessings practice.


We give, yes. And we receive, true.


But ultimately, we are reminded through the practice, again and again, of the blessings that already are.


Blessings ready for the plucking.


Ready for the recognition.


Ready to be who we already are.


We are already blessed. Infinitely so.


Reiki practice and all spiritual practices make us aware of the blessing of being. And all the smaller blessings that rain down from that essential blessing.


It is like going into a snow fall and putting our faces and arms up to the snow.


Tilting our heads and sticking out our tongues to catch the shimmering flakes and taste them.

All my love,




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lotus Love Letters
Love Letter to the Universe

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Dear Reiki Pulse peeps,


I’ve been thinking about you and me and this blog lately. I don’t write you nearly as much as I’d like, and this morning it hit me:


Almost all I want to do is write you love letters, love notes, love missives, and love poems.


I want to leave you little knickknacks to remind you of how beautiful you truly are.


I want to sing you love songs.


I want to romance you, get intimate with you, share all of me and all of you. The real me, the real you.


I want this blog, this website, the Reiki Pulse page on Facebook, every one of my healing sessions and classes and practices and workshops, my heart, my mind, and my entire being to be a tangible space where you can realize unlimited, unconditional love.


Is it boring, talking of almost nothing but love? Saying the same thing in many ways and sometimes the same ways?




But perhaps it’s time for me to give permission to myself to do it anyway. Don’t you think?


Reiki is Love. Can we really get too much of it?


With all my heart and soul,




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lotus The Temple of You

Image Credit & Appreciation: Tony George via Photo Pin cc

Stack the elements of yourself with a sure mind, using great delicacy and balance, from the robust foundation on up toward the sky.


Offer all of yourself to the universe as a stable and elegant structure ready to hold any truth without crumbling.


Be ready to share the home of you as refuge to any who need your shelter.


Be a temple of strength and compassion.


Ring the bell in the tower of you to share the vibration of true nature with any who might overhear it and open their ears and souls to the sound.


And shine the light from the top of the lighthouse that is your being as a beacon showing all beings the way home.


This is what we build with the system of Reiki, laboring joyfully, even playfully, with gentle openness and perseverance, day by day, brick by brick.


We build ourselves in service to ourselves. We build ourselves in service to all. And we know there is no difference.


May each of you find shelter when you need refuge. And may you take the steps to build yourself into the robust and beautiful temple that is your true nature revealed.






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lotus Isn’t Reiki a Bit Out There?
Reiki Pulse's Latest Flyer About Reiki: Click on Image to View a Larger Version

Reiki Pulse’s Latest Flyer About Reiki: Click on Image to View a Larger Version

When people first encounter Reiki, maybe from a friend or a website or flyer, they often can’t wrap their minds around it. It seems a little cuckoo. A little “out there.”


It doesn’t help that different Reiki practitioners and schools have different approaches, some of which are somewhat removed from the Japanese origins of the practice.


When you take the system of Reiki back as much as possible to its Japanese roots, it’s really not that “out there.” The system of Reiki is a simple meditation and healing practice, no more cuckoo than sister practices from other traditions such as yoga or qigong.


The system of Reiki sometimes seems “out there” because it is hard to describe.


By its very nature, any spiritual practice is hard to encapsulate in words. These are mystery practices.


Engaging directly with the mystery – of life, existence, and what lies beyond existence as we know it – is so worthwhile. But we have to let our brains step out of the driver’s seat to truly explore.


So in Reiki, understanding is not necessarily the same as intellectually knowing.


Words are fantastic tools for exploration. Our brains are excellent protectors, creative drivers, and life navigators. I don’t advocate abandoning language or intellect. But words can be limiting.


It’s true that understanding without words can make us uneasy, since we are so used to being able to place our experiences in nice, neat idea boxes with labels carefully pasted on the outside.


But understanding without words is also powerful, without those boxes keeping things contained.


Understanding without words is limitless.


Do you want to be limited or limitless? There are many right answers, as in any spiritual inquiry. What are yours? Your answers are colored by your own experiences and might be nuanced and even contradictory. Please share your thoughts below if this post sparked something in you.


May each of you embrace words for all they offer you. And may you also settle under those words and engage directly with the mystery of being.



Ps. The irony is not lost on me that I have used so many words to explore this concept! You have to start somewhere.



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lotus Keep It Simple

Love Heart 2



(That is all.)



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lotus Am I a Reiki Master?


People often ask me if I am a “Reiki master” (or assume it’s true). But am I?


Well, yes and no. And before anyone feels judged by my words, please know that this is my current understanding for my own self. I do not blanket this viewpoint onto anyone else.


“Reiki master” is a term that was added on in the U.S. some time back by Hawayo Takata, who brought Usui Reiki practice from Japan to her home in Hawaii. It basically means someone has completed the final level of Reiki training. Generally that is considered the teacher level, although some people take it to deepen their personal practice with no intention to teach formally.


In that simple sense, yes, I am a Reiki “master.” And I have several pretty little certificates to prove it.




From a marketing standpoint, I should probably just call myself a Reiki master and be done with it. I mean, there is so much misinformation about Reiki, and I have seen many articles suggesting that someone find “a Reiki master” when absolutely any level of practitioner would be beneficial. The level of training does not necessarily indicate the level of depth, experience, and understanding of Reiki practice. Not even close. But most people don’t know that, and they Google “Reiki master” when they are looking for support.


But for me, it would go against my inner understanding of Reiki to call myself a master. If I ask myself, “So, Alice, are you a ‘master’ now?” I just think, “Wow, Alice, that is none of your business.”


I call myself a Reiki teacher, meaning simply that I teach Reiki practices. My teacher calls himself a Reiki teacher. This takes the emphasis off what can be a trap, a knowing-everything or even knowing-more trap.


Reiki is a lifelong continuing practice. To think we are done means we are done for. This is why I continue to study with an experienced teacher, as he does with his.


It is also why, when we finish a Reiki course at any level, it indicates we are just launching ourselves into the beginning of that level. The certificate, if one is awarded after the course, only indicates that the student has been given the practices and approach for that level. The student then learns, really learns, the level by practicing each and every day and allowing the practice itself to be the ultimate teacher.


And Reiki is, among other aspects, a humility practice – humility meaning we are no more and no less than anyone or anything else (we are all one beyond our forms). So the word “master” goes against the grain for me there, too.


Words, names, are simultaneously both meaningless and powerful. For now, at least, I chose for myself to respect both sides of this word game and allow the word “master” to stay out of the play.



Reiki Teacher Alice Risemberg


Ps. If you are looking for Reiki support, please do not limit yourself to Reiki masters, or Reiki teachers, for that matter. A person at Reiki Level I (Shoden) who practices daily and has some experience can sometimes be a better match and more developed than someone who has a master certificate but does not practice daily, has very little experience, or is simply someone you don’t feel comfortable with.


Ask about the person’s training and especially whether he or she consistently practices self-care. Then follow your instincts.


You might also like to ask around if you’re unsure if you have found a right match for you. I hear from people all the time who are not near me locally but need some help knowing what to look for and what questions to ask. And you might have friends who have experienced Reiki or practice themselves who can share their stories. Their needs are not necessarily yours, but it can help you narrow down what feels right and comfortable for you.

lotus How Can Reiki Help You?


Reiki is balancing based on what you need in the moment. It subtly but powerfully supports your own self-healing process, which naturally and constantly strives to lead you back to your true nature: wellness in mind, body, spirit, and emotions.


We already have the potential for healing within us; sometimes that potential just needs encouragement and support.


May we all find and embrace the encouragement and support we need.

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