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Blessings Rain Down


People often think of Reiki as a practice of giving blessings.


Which is true.


Reiki is a blessings practice.


But often I am reminded of what it truly means that this practice (and other sister practices) is a blessings practice.


We give, yes. And we receive, true.


But ultimately, we are reminded through the practice, again and again, of the blessings that already are.


Blessings ready for the plucking.


Ready for the recognition.


Ready to be who we already are.


We are already blessed. Infinitely so.


Reiki practice and all spiritual practices make us aware of the blessing of being. And all the smaller blessings that rain down from that essential blessing.


It is like going into a snow fall and putting our faces and arms up to the snow.


Tilting our heads and sticking out our tongues to catch the shimmering flakes and taste them.

All my love,




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