Alice in a Nutshell

My Essence

Deepening into divine and human truth – truth distilling – drives me.

I am devoted to the Divine as best I can in any given moment.
In and outside of me, of you, the all.

It’s often humbling, I won’t lie. Which is a great thing.

What Else Lights Me Up?


Real connection.

Energy flow and stillness.

Juicy language.

Embodied experience.

Being a catalyst for connection in others.

Dance, song, writing, expression (mine, yours, everybody’s).

A great cup of tea.

My sweet husband and crazy kitties.

Bare feet on the earth.

My Way in the World

I experience life energetically.

I think of myself as a superfeeler.

And voice and mystery sum me up.

I Iove seeming contradiction.

I also love to laugh my ass off (everything, especially the deep stuff, is kind of funny, ya know?).

And one-on-one connection is pure, focused joy and wonderment to me.

What I Offer

I help you reclaim your truth and enhance your aliveness through spiritual healing sessions, Reiki courses, meditation and chanting classes, writing and poetry, and “Soul Mirroring” sessions, which combine energy and talk to reflect back what you are ready to see and embrace in yourself.

Under What I Offer

Ultimately, I’m all about embodying divine light and holding expansive space to help all beings reclaim their true nature.

Inspiring spiritual play and practice for those who are ripe, ready, and willing to own acceptance, aliveness, and lusciously layered truth.

And being pure love.

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